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Picking The Right Eyeshadow Palette

How To Pick The Best Eyeshadow Palette 

Eyeshadow palettes are a great way to be adventurous and try new bold colors and looks.

Eyeshadow Palette bright colors s

πŸ’’Beware πŸ‘€  All eyeshadow palettes are NOT created equal πŸ˜• 

When searching for an eyeshadow palette, consider the following: 


Quantity of shades: A palette can come with anywhere between 4 to 100 shades. A palette with a lot of shades doesn't necessarily mean a better deal. Make sure the colors are wearable and not just being used as "filler colors." 


Ophthalmologist tested: Especially if sensitive eyes are an issue, make sure anything going near the eye has been tested by an Ophthalmologist and is hypoallergenic

makeup artist putting eyeshadow on a client


Pressed eyeshadows are the most common type of shadow because they blend easily without being too messy, but a good palette mixes up the textures. They may have a mix of frost to add brightness, especially in the inner rim of the eyes; shimmer, which is great for blending harsh lines, matte textures are very smooth and not shiny. Matte finishes tend to last longer and are GREAT for mature skin. 


Cream eyeshadows work best as a base color for powder eye shadow. Neutral cream shades are great for a solid shade and brightening. 


Loose eyeshadows are often where you find the most color pigment but can be messy and tricky to work with.

loose eyeshadow


The pigment on the shadows should be intense: Test them on your skin. A good pigment will appear the same color on the skin as in the palette.

Girl in orange sweater wearing pigmented eyeshadow

  Highly Recommended Eyeshadow palettes 

Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Eye Shadow 
Highly pigmented mineral-based formula stays put without creasing and is safe for sensitive eyes.

Pacifica Beauty 10 Well Eye Shadow About the product
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
  • Colors Included: Nude, Sentimental, Touched, Rapture, Madly Deeply, Even Nuder, Vapid, Moonstruck, Roused, Lightness of Being
  • Highly pigmented mineral eyeshadows in a range of your new super wearable, favorite colors.
  • Coconut water infused
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates and other ingredients you don't want on your skin

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