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    5 Hair Tricks That will Make You Look Younger

    Wednesday, November 14, 2018

    1) Add Highlights

      lighter pieces of hair, especially in the front, attracts light to the face creating a youthful glow

    2) Add waves or curls.

     The added texture to the hair will distract from small imperfections and make your face look more symmetrical. BIG hair makes the face look thinner.

    3) Get rid of split ends

     Split ends; especially near the face, makes the skin look dry. Removing them will make the skin look healthier. 

    4)  Add Shine 

    Dull hair can age you up to 10 years, Shine serum, especially on the ends of the hair is an easy way to add luster and shine to the hair instantly adding a glow to the skin. 

    5)  Side Braid

    The side braid isn't just for kids. Braids are a signature youthful look for all ages that never goes out of style. 

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