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    Beat Boredom On The Treadmill

    Tuesday, June 19, 2018
    Weather and timing conditions prevents a lot of us from having the luxury of running outside, but lets get real for a minute, treadmills are boringggggggg.  

    What's worse than running in place and not going anywhere?!?! 

    Photo: HappyorHungry.com

     Here are some ways to beat  boredom and shorten your time on the treadmill. 

    1) Watch TV! Schedule a running time set around your favorite television show. During the show run at a moderate pace. During commercial break sprint until your show comes back on-then go back to moderate. 

    ***If there isn't a TV available, download an audio book, podcast or a motivational workout book to keep you going! 
    2) Mix it up with intervals! Run moderately for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, sprint for a minute, change speeds and inclines every time you find yourself becoming bored. 

    3) Run with a friend and compete with them! Set a running time and see who can run the furthest. 

    4) Add strength training! Run for 5 minutes- get off the treadmill do pushups, sit-ups, lunges, then jump back on the treadmill and run another 5 minutes and repeat! 

    5)  Use a virtual runner. This is pretty awesome- Software for your IPad or laptop  allows you to create the illusion of running outside on trails, famous race courses and running routes.  You set your own pace too! Works on all treadmills. 


    BEAT BOREDOM: While commonly used as a laptop treadmill desk, this portable standing workstation mount can also be used with a jogging treadmill when watching TV talk shows, the news, movies, YouTube videos or presentations.


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