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I think they should have a barbie with a buzz cut. -Ellen

Ellen with a buzz cut

Androgynous beauty depicts an image of beautiful femininity mixed with a masculine attitude.

Cara delevigne wearing a suit

Androgynous beauty is assertive, competitive, independent, and courageous! It does not neatly fit into a female or male gender role.

Claude Cahun

The androgynous trend has been making its rounds for years, and it doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. You can spot it on the fashion runways and all over the red carpet of Hollywood. The latest to nail the trend is Dior. The late Claude Cahun inspires their Fall campaign with actress Jennifer Lawrance. Cahun's sentiments on femininity: "Shuffle the cards. Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation." It's not about sexuality; it's about breaking barriers, taking away judgment in a room one may not necessarily feel comfortable because of their gender. 

Jennifer Lawrence Androgynous Look

Jennifer Lawrence Androgynous Look  Dior

Jennifer Lawrence Androgynous Look Dior

The androgynous look has a lot to do with fashion, but it can be accomplished through makeup. The trend of dark brows, contoured/sharpened features will give you a confident and empowering look. If you're bold enough, you can move on to hair and clothes.

     How To get this amazing look

Lisa Makeup artist androgynous makeup

    Natalie Portman Androgynus look

+Start with a natural face. You don't want to look as if you're wearing a foundation. Keep skin dewy and fresh to avoid looking too masculine. 


+Brows should be full and square-shaped. Go a shade darker than your hair color. (Castor oil helps brows grow faster!)


+ Shade your eyes with a smokey eye palette with browns, taupe, or dark silver.


+ Add a dark liner to give the mysterious spark.


+ Bronzer should be used to contour the cheekbone to give the illusion of having a sharp masculine facial shape (This is best created using both a fan brush to outline and a blush brush to fill in the shapes.)


+ Apply nude lipstick or lip balm.


 And voila! You are now a woman of unified gender that defies social roles! XO

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