As Within So Without

Johnny Depp borrowed Zac Efron's Eyeliner.

Straight Male Makeup 💪

Zac Efron wearing dark liner

Russell Brand and Johnny Depp in eyeliner

They're also STRAIGHT 👀 and use makeup to enhance their looks. 


Whhhatttt?? Did I say that??? YES, That's right!... MAKE UP-ON and OFF stage. 


 And it's not just rock stars, actors, and drag queens wearing makeup anymore. It's the everyday guy next door—the guy at the office, maybe even your brother or best guy friend. Products are pretty discreet now. 


Financial reports from the male grooming industry stated in the New York Times, "Male grooming products are up almost two billion dollars in the last six years."

That includes men's color cosmetics.

         What has caused this trend?

We live in a society where youth and physical attraction are highly praised and where the social media filter nation is significantly increasing cosmetic procedures. 


A study released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that those considered more handsome or beautiful "tend to earn 5 percent more an hour" than their less appealing colleagues-After variables like education and experience are factored out. Fed researchers say the "beauty premium" exists across all occupations and that careers, primarily male-dominated ones that require more interpersonal contact ( lawyers, doctors, pilots), have higher percentages of above-average-looking employees. 


Basically, the better you look, the higher chance you have of getting a job in the first place.


Suppose looking good equates to being more successful, and the use of cosmetics enhances one's looks. In that case, it makes sense for a guy to start using cosmetics to mask facial imperfections, hide signs of aging skin, and ultimately be more appealing, especially before heading to a plastic surgeon. 


Guys, before you sneak into your girlfriend's room to steal all of her lotions and potions or put on her lipstick, DON'T! That would be creepy. 


The major cosmetic companies such as Loreal, Nivea, Lab Series, and Jen Paul Gaultier have started to aim directly at the male customer and have created lines of skincare and color cosmetics just for men. 


Guys are now able to enhance their style and appearance without sacrificing their masculinity.


Cosmetic companies are also aware that men are reluctant and uncomfortable going into the stores looking for cosmetics; they prefer to shop discreetly at home. So, they've made it easy to order online. Guys, did you hear that? The next time you're ordering brakes online, don't forget to order some eyeliner and concealer "for your girlfriend." #Nojudgement ❤❤


Man getting makeup put on

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