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Acne Prone Skin

The Correct Products For Acne Prone Skin 

Most people with acne or acne scars believe they need a heavy foundation or powder, which is far from the truth. Most heavy makeup contains ingredients, such as; lanolin, mineral oil, or Isopropyl Myristate that block the pores, aggravate acne-prone skin, and cause more breakouts. 




A lighter coverage is MUCH better for the skin, and the less makeup you have on, the more oxygen skin obtains, which helps the skin heal. There's an actual condition called Acne cosmetica, and it's a type of Acne that gets triggered by the makeup you wear. Lifestyle of Beauty recommends that people with Acne-prone skin look for foundations or powders that will treat the skin, lightweight and non-comedogenic, oil-free: the fewer ingredients listed, the BETTER. 



Below is a client that had acne cosmetica. I applied an all-natural, anti-aging, lightweight foundation and an acne-fighting blush in golden peach. The two products made a difference. Her skin looks more radiant and smoother, and the more she uses them, the better her skin will look. I always say if you're going to put something on your face every day, make sure it's benefiting the skin and not damaging it.  

Client with acne cosmetica
Same Client after the correct products were used

Three Tested and Recommended Products for an acne free complexion. 

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