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Monday, February 22, 2016

Find your most flattering shoe.

Do you have "Yaba Daba Doo"  feet? Slim them down by wearing Pointed Toe Shoes  The extra length at the front of the shoe will create an illusion of thinner feet and ankles.

 Lengthen legs with Neutral colored heels Matching your heels to your natural skin color creates an uninterrupted line on the legs, making them seem longer and sleeker.  You can also achieve the same effect by matching your shoes to your tights or leggings.

Get a more toned look with Kitten Heels A kitten heel is the perfect height to add just a little lift to the calf that shapes the leg and gives the look of more muscle definition.

Avoid having to buy taller heels, by wearing heels with a subtle platform in the toe You'll get the extra height, slimming benefit, and less strain on your feet.  WIN! WIN! WIN! 

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