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Monday, August 13, 2018

Androgynous Chic

I think they should have a barbie with a buzz cut. -Ellen

Androgynous beauty depicts an image of beautiful femininity mixed with a masculine attitude. 

Androgynous beauty is assertive, competitive, independent, and courageous! It does not neatly fit into a female or male gender role.     


The androgynous trend has been making its rounds for years, and it doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon.  You can spot it on the fashion runways and all over the red carpet of Hollywood. The latest to nail the trend is Dior.  Their  Fall campaign with actress Jennifer Lawrance is inspired by the late Claude Cahun.  Cahun's sentiments on femininity: "Shuffle the cards. Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation."

The androgynous look has a lot to do with fashion, but it can be accomplished through the use of makeup. The trend of dark brows, contoured/sharpened features will give you a confident and empowering look. If you're bold enough, you can move on to hair and clothes. 

        How To get this amazing look


+Start with a natural face. You don't want to look as if you're wearing a foundation. Keep skin dewy and fresh to avoid looking too masculine. 

+Brows should be full and square shaped. Go a shade darker than your hair color. (Castor oil helps brows grow faster!)

+ Shade your eyes with a smokey eye palette with browns, taupe, or dark silver.

+ Add a dark liner to give the mysterious spark.

+ Bronzer should be used to contour the cheekbone to give the illusion of having a sharp masculine facial shape (This is best created using both a fan brush to outline and a blush brush to fill in the shapes.)

+ Apply nude lipstick or lip balm.

 And Voila! You are now a woman of unified gender that defies social roles! XO

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Get the Perfect Brow EVERYTIME

You must NEVER underestimate the power of the eyebrow.-Jack Black

Picture yourself with the eyebrows of Cruella De Vil.... now. picture yourself with the brows of  Cara Delevingne.  I’m pretty confident you looked a lot more glamorous with Cara's eyebrows.

 A well defined brow  will increase your level of attractiveness faster than any "quick" beauty fix out there. 

Full defined brows instantly create the look of a younger and   more polished you. But, Ohhhhh.... the frustration of achieving the perfect brow. 

We’ve all been there. We Try to create the “perfect brow” and instead we create an unrealistic arch that looks like that of  Ronald McDonald. 


We then tend to go into a  brow frenzy.  We head for the beauty ammo.  We grab pencils, waxes, gels, powders,  tweezers and sealants. Some of us end up so brow crazy, we’ll tweeze all of our eyebrows off until we look like a Sphynx, NOW the only option for new brows is to head to the tattoo parlor. 

This may work for a few people, but usually tattoos aren’t a good idea. As the face ages, brows tend to take on a different shape.  Tattooed brows stop you from filling in the natural shape of your brow leaving you with an unnatural look.

What can you do to stop the brow mania???  

Well, first-you need to find YOUR perfect brow shape and arch.  Grab a pencil, pen or anything straight. (So Richard Simmons is obviously not an option)

Take your chosen object and place it  against the outermost part of your nose and the inside corner of your eye.  This is where you eyebrow should start.

Next, place it at outer edge of your iris.  This is where your arch should start, and finally, the brow should end at the outer nose  on the outer corner of the eye.   Mark all of these areas, place a stencil over the areas you marked.  I recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencils for a perfect arch every time!

Finally, use a tinted brow gel or a waterproof pencil and fill in the brows.

    I do recommend matching your hair color or going  a shade lighter than the color of your hair.  

After they are shaped and you have filled in your color, remove the stencil, and pluck or trim any strays that are not in your perfect brow and Voila!  How Browliciously stunning you now are. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Lashes are NOT created equal.

The question,  "What is the best mascara?"  CAN NOT  be answered  without a little trial and error, because no one has an identical lash twin. 

 We're all looking for the perfect mascara, but what one considers perfect may be a nightmare for another. Imagine if a  doctor prescribed the same medication  for two very different disorders. It wouldn't be pretty, but don't fret, there is a "Lashscription"  for   short, long,  straight, curled, bald and/or brittle lashes and everything in between.  

                                   Not all lashes are created equal

 🔺If you already have long, dark, lashes,  this blog is not for you. Just curl, tint, and I hope you get acne. (I kid, I kid, I'm jealous, that's all ) 🔻

There are four types of lashes that mascaras tend to focus on- thin, sparse, short, and, straight.  You can have a mixture of these and YOU ARE ALLOWED to use more than one mascara- but first, decide what your biggest concern is and start there. 

Lets start with straight lashes lacking a curling effect- most of the time,  a good curl of the lash can make ALL lashes appear longer, thicker, and bigger. You don't have to get picky when it comes to eyelash curlers, but the right curling technique is important-You should lift your head upwards about 2 inches, place the curler close to the lash line and squeeze for 3 to 5 seconds.Repeat this on the middle lashes, and top of the lashes. 

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