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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Guest Blogger- Gina Leslie of "Gina The Fit Rep" Explains Why "Running Is Not Necessarily The Key To Weight-Loss"

First let me state, I love to run and I am training for my sixth marathon. With that said, long distance running and marathon training does not guarantee weight loss. 

As a matter of fact, I gained weight my first marathon. Sounds crazy right? I mean you think when you are running a ton of miles a week the pounds should be falling off? Well think again. Here is where I went wrong the first time around:

-I do not have the body of a natural runner (tall, natural lean and not curvy) so when following a cookie cutter plan that had me taking in more carbohydrates than that was really necessary there was a shift in the scale. 

-Long runs mean maybe a reward or two but don’t go crazy on your meals for the rest of the day. Even when it feels like you have been running forever to burn a good amount of calories, it does not take forever to put all those calories back in.

-While steady cardio is great to incorporate into your workout routine it is important to make sure you are getting in at least 2 high intensity interval training sessions in a week aka HIIT. If all you do is run at a steady rate, your body will get used to it and hit a plateau real quick.

-Weight training. Don’t forget to incorporate at least 1 or 2 days a week in your marathon training program to hit the weights or you will be feeling flabby in no time.

Leaning Out With Marathon Training the Next Go Arounds

-The ONLY time I “carb-up” is the meal I eat before my long-run. By long run I mean 9 miles or more. A bagel with a little butter or a honey bran muffin are usually my go-to. If anything is under 9 its just a little oatmeal before

-Only on runs longer than 12 miles do I use a supplement like GU to help me power through.

-I treat myself to a huge frozen yogurt with toppings or some pizza after my long runs but that is about it. The rest of the day is all lean meats and veggies just in a larger volume.

-I take my track and tempo runs seriously and throw some plyometrics here and there into them. When I do my track workouts I usually incorporate sprints, stairs and do rounds of push-ups, triceps dips, and core every two laps or so. I also do some runs in the sand.

-I make sure to hit the weight 1-2 times a weeks and incorporate so plyometric moves. A few of my favorites: speed skaters, jump squats, & step-ups with a hop.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

5 Hair Tricks That will Make You Look Younger

1) Add Highlights

  lighter pieces of hair, especially in the front, attracts light to the face creating a youthful glow

2) Add waves or curls.

 The added texture to the hair will distract from small imperfections and make your face look more symmetrical. BIG hair makes the face look thinner.

3) Get rid of split ends

 Split ends; especially near the face, makes the skin look dry. Removing them will make the skin look healthier. 

4)  Add Shine 

Dull hair can age you up to 10 years, Shine serum, especially on the ends of the hair is an easy way to add luster and shine to the hair instantly adding a glow to the skin. 

5)  Side Braid

The side braid isn't just for kids. Braids are a signature youthful look for all ages that never goes out of style. 

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Monday, November 12, 2018

2019 Makeup Trend Outlook: Clean and Polished

 According to Charlotte Libby, Mintel's global color cosmetics analyst, 2019 is going to be all about enhancing and protecting the complexion. Less will be more. 

With the massive wave of  the  "#NomakeupMakeup"  selfies in 2018 and  the continuing demand for chemical free products,  2019 will see an increase in multi-step natural products. Color-correcting primers, powders, and concealers, will see a jump among beauty consumers. 

Lastly,  you cant have a polished look without a well defined  brow. The complexion is the photo of the face and the brow the frame. The 2019 brow will be all about clean edges, accentuated arches and tapered tails.   Microblading will continue to be popular among beauty gurus and we'll see a demand for semi permanent eyebrow products. 

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