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Grow Younger in the Sun


WHY MORNING SUNLIGHT? (primalherb.com)

The scientific votes are in: sunlight, in the correct doses, is very good for health.
What more, science is starting to realize, however, that MORNING sunlight may be the best of all, especially when it comes to improving mood and feelings of well-being.
But breaking that news can be a real head-scratcher: how is morning sunlight any different from that in the afternoon or any other time? Take it from Dr. Jack Kruse, famous neurosurgeon and CEO, and a longtime proponent of morning sunlight versus other times of day in his recent 2017 article.
Kruse says: “Sunlight releases a[n] opiate (ß-endorphin) when we are exposed to the sun. Guess why nature did that? Could it be that she wanted us going in the sunlight often for its healing powers?”
“…It turns out that the combination of [ultraviolet] and [infrared] solar light humans are designed to get in the AM also pre-treats the skin to lower inflammation. The fact that [UV] light induces a small opiate response tell us nature is trying to get us to come out into the solar light in the morning.”
Kruse also observes that both UV and infrared light are the most plentiful together in the AM (between 8 and 10 AM). Also, infrared helps enhance the absorption of UV rays in a healthy way—as opposed to one being overloaded and sunburnt when sunbathing in the middle of the day.
He adds later: “The fact that [UV] and [infrared] light in AM sunlight work in unison to create this circumstance says something very deep about sunlight importance…. mood will be altered by a chronic lack of AM life.”
An earlier 2011 article on LiveScience.com also referenced a study on mice showing that tumors and melanoma were less likely to develop when UV exposure happened in the morning.
What more, a 2008 study that was referenced in 2014 says that people who were exposed to more blue light (closer to UV rays) in the morning had an easier time getting to sleep (and having more restful sleep) compared to those who were exposed to periods of UV rays later in the day.

Again: it all attests to the benefits of a little morning sunshine!

Not able to get into the sun? Try a Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp at home or office. 

Wrinkle Free with Cocoa

If you haven't tried a cocoa facial mask, you don't know what you're missing.  After one use we noticed less fine lines and a brighter complexion. 

A study by the Department of Food Science and Technology, Seoul National University concluded that the level of antioxidants in cocoa are higher than green tea, black tea and red wine. 

Applied topically,  the polyphenols in cocoa fight nasty free radicals that are responsible for wrinkles. 

One of our favorite facial mask is the cocoa, strawberry and oatmeal mask.  Each are amazing alone, but an anti-aging force when put together.   

Strawberries have a ton of salicylic acid which promotes cell turnover, revealing brighter skin instantly! Strawberries also do a great job at reducing acne, and oatmeal is one of the best moisturizers out there-it naturally moisturizes and plumps skin. 


5 Organic Strawberries 

1 TBS of Unprocessed Cocoa 

1 TBS of Oatmeal

2oz of Water 

Mix in blender until creamy, apply over face and neck 15-20 min 


Top seller: Chocolate softening Mask  $21.00 (4.5 stars/92 Reviewers) 

The Khol story

 It’s said that centuries ago, when Cleopatra set sail to meet Marc Antony’s fleet, she did so with sails that were heavily perfumed. The sailors present at that time reported that the entire sea smelled of incense and this was solely to announce her arrival. Her intention was to seduce the Roman warlord with the use of cosmetics and perfume. In ancient Egypt, prestige, religious and signs of health significantly influenced the decision to wear make-up. Cleopatra was rarely seen in public without make-up on. This included blush, multicoloured eye shadow, lipstick, flattened 

Eyelashes and darkened eyebrows, but nothing compared to her eyes.  Cleopatra was well known to possess the ability to seduce men using only her khol decorated eyes.  

  Science has proven that Kohl lined eyes make pupils look more dilated indicating sexuality.   
Women and men of all social classes continue to use this ancient Kohl trick in decorating their eyes to seductivity.