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    4 Secret Ways to Save Big at Target

    Thursday, December 03, 2020

    4 Secret Ways to Save Big at Target


    Fan of Target?! Check out these “secret” saving tricks to score big at your favorite superstore.  


    1.   Start a registry 


    Registries aren’t just for babies and weddings at Target. Target allows registries for all occasions, such as your birthday, new home, or a graduation.  If an item isn’t purchased from the registry by the end of the event date, Target will give you the remaining items on the list for 15% off.  



    2.   Know when to shop 


    Monday: Baby Items and electronics typically go on sale.


    Tuesday: Prices on women’s clothing, home dΓ©cor,  and household items get slashed. 


    Wednesday:  Sale on health, and body products, men’s clothing, and toys.


    Thursday: Save on houseware and shoes. YES PLEASE! πŸ’–


    Friday: Discounts on cosmetics, jewelry and home improvement.  


    3.  Download the Target app


    Target's app gives its users access to exclusive deals on certain items in the store.  Target also lets you ‘Stack’ coupons. Meaning, you can use a Target and manufacture's  electronic and paper coupon on the same item. $$$$ 


    4.  Keep an eye on clearance stickers. 

    Target marks down items in two-week increments. The upper right hand corner is how much percentage you’ll get off, but if it ends in $.06 or .$08, Target is planning to reduce the price even lower in the next couple of weeks. 




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