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    The "Whole Foods" for Pets

    Thursday, September 17, 2015
    A good friend of mine recently adopted a puppy from Shelter of Hope in Valencia, CA and we were beyond excited to dress him up, feed him, and spoil the cuteness out of him.   

    Being  the health nut that I am, I explained to my friend that her new best friend’s diet is just as important as her own and it should be balanced with protein, veggies, and good fats.     (and, well,  a few cheat days)  ❤Feeding a dog scraps and random food all of the time may jeopardize his health and knock years off his life.  

    According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to determine if a pet product meets your dog’s nutritional needs, simply look at the label. If the phrase “complete and balanced” is included, this means the product is a food that can serve as your dog’s sole source of nutrition. The “complete and balanced” claim will be supported by a second statement. A food is either “formulated to meet the AAFCO dog nutrient profiles” or the label will state that the food has passed an AAFCO feeding study

     We started researching stores and came across an interesting pet store  called Protein for Pets. We went absolutely crazy. 

    This place impressed me so much that I’m now sitting here writing a blog about it.  It’s  like a Whole Foods for Pets. Nothing but high quality, balanced, pet food and "must have" pet supplies. The stores are small, cute, and not overwhelming at all. I absolutely love that their products are organized by protein type and products versus by brand name. You can sense the passion this store has for their customers and their pets. 

    What really blew me away was the staff member, Brenna   (in the Valencia location) She must have a PHD in animal nutrition; I got schooled on every brand.  Did you know that too much iodine in commercial pet food has been linked to hyperthyroidism in pets. =/  

    It's very rare to find a pet store with such knowledgeable and passionate staff.  We may have left with a little bit too much product, but we left with confidence knowing Tucker was getting nothing but the best!  **Lifestyle of Beauty and Tucker Recommended! XO


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