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    Steps To Making Your Fierce looks last throughout the day

    Wednesday, June 05, 2019
    There's nothing like that first morning selfie. You look as  fierce as a tiger! Hashtag "NO FILTER" 

    Then, by mid-day, that fierceness takes a turn and your stripes slowly start fading and smudging away.  

    Avoid this dilemma with Lifestyle of Beauty's steps to making your fierce looks last all day.

    1) Lipstick:

    Apply a translucent powder all over your lips and line your lips with a nude lip liner around the outside and on the inside of the lip. The liner will act as a base and will help lock in the lipstick color.  Next, add two layers of lipstick. After your first application blot your lips with a tissue. The tissue will absorb oils from the first coat leaving a drier texture for the second coat. Set with a matching lip stain.   

    2) Blush: 

    Layer, layer, layer.  Its good to have a creme blush and a powder blush. Apply the powder blush first and then sweep the creme blush over the powder and set once again with powder.

    3) Eye makeup: 

    Start with an eye primer all over the lid, apply eyeshadow first and then a waterproof liquid liner. To set the liner and to soak up any makeup diminishing oils, go back over the liner with a translucent powder or a matching eyeshadow shade.

    4) Foundation:  

    Most foundations wear off fast because women tend to choose the wrong foundations for their skin type. Dry skin types should use a moisturizing foundation and add an oil based sunblock or any soothing oil before application. The oil will act as a barrier between the skin and makeup keeping the foundation from seeping into lines.  Oily skin types should use clay based foundations. They’re the best at controlling makeup robbing oil. To help foundation last even longer, add  a face primer targeted for your skin type before applying foundation.  

    The result:  Makeup that will last all night! BAM! 💥 


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