Lashes are NOT created equal.

Friday, June 29, 2018
The question,  "What is the best mascara?"  CAN NOT  be answered  without a little trial and error, because no one has an identical lash twin. 

 We're all looking for the perfect mascara, but what one considers perfect may be a nightmare for another. Imagine if a  doctor prescribed the same medication  for two very different disorders. It wouldn't be pretty, but don't fret, there is a "Lashscription"  for   short, long,  straight, curled, bald and/or brittle lashes and everything in between.  

                                   Not all lashes are created equal

 πŸ”ΊIf you already have long, dark, lashes,  this blog is not for you. Just curl, tint, and I hope you get acne. (I kid, I kid, I'm jealous, that's all ) πŸ”»

There are four types of lashes that mascaras tend to focus on- thin, sparse, short, and, straight.  You can have a mixture of these and YOU ARE ALLOWED to use more than one mascara- but first, decide what your biggest concern is and start there. 

Lets start with straight lashes lacking a curling effect- most of the time,  a good curl of the lash can make ALL lashes appear longer, thicker, and bigger. You don't have to get picky when it comes to eyelash curlers, but the right curling technique is important-You should lift your head upwards about 2 inches, place the curler close to the lash line and squeeze for 3 to 5 seconds.Repeat this on the middle lashes, and top of the lashes. 

  A heated eyelash curler tends to work best. You can buy one or heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer. ( make sure you don't burn yourself, you'll have more problems than bad lashes.)... It is recommended to start with clean lashes. However, I find that my lashes curl better after my mascara has dried. Try both and see what works best for you.  


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Now for the short and sparse lashes out there, look for a mascara that is primarily for lengthening and make sure the color  is black.  black, blackity black. ❤❤❤ Mascara 101:  Black lengthens, brown adds volume.  If you need a little of both,  put brown mascara in the inner lashes and black on the outer. The two colors will give the illusion of thicker, elongated lashes. 

When applying mascara to lengthen, use the "sun ray" effect: Outer lashes should be pushed out toward your temple, your middle lashes should be pushed toward the forehead and the inner lashes pushed down toward your nose. 

LOB's Pick 

Time to  pump of the volume- (My problem. Check out the video below) When trying to thicken the lash,  regardless of length, start with an eyelash primer. The primer will make it so you can add more layers without clumping. If you're not a fan of primers, sprinkling a little powder on your lashes after each coat works just as well. Mascara that promises voluminous or plumping effects is what you should look for and choose the color brown or black brown.

Application for Volume: use the zigzag motion like your brushing your teeth. This motion will help avoid clumps. Next, add a little black liner to the upper inner rim of the lash. vavavavooom! 

Pro Tips:

↣↣πŸ”ΊEyelash combs come in handy when adding too much mascara. 

↣↣πŸ”ΊThe brush you choose is VERY important 

↣↣πŸ”Ί Stay away from waterproof mascara. It can be very drying and will take a lifetime of eye makeup remover to get off.   If you tend to get watery eyes or you are dealing with one of life's little dramas- I understand,  you  don't want to add to the pain by looking like a crying raccoon.

  I recommend a stain- it's more natural and has better ingredients.  Some last as long as 4 days. I know some relationships that have lasted less than that. So, its worth the try. 


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 If you are sooooo over the mascara "drama" GOOD NEWS there are fake lashes and extensions you can get, but be really careful, they tend to pull lashes out when taking them off . ** For die hards, lashes are able to become  stronger and more vibrant on their own, try coating your eyelashes with Vaseline or castor oil at night for 6-8 weeks. There is also a prescription called Latisse you can get from your doctor.   

Beauty, Love, and Lashes πŸ’‹



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