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    Yay for Big Lips!

    Wednesday, December 28, 2016

    You may be thinking that this lady is stretching out her bottom lip because of an African marriage tradition. Well, you are wrong.  She has just made a trip to Hollywood, and she has met Angelina Jolie. Uh-oh, you know what that means...... 


    Just like every other woman in Hollywood and America for that matter, she has become obsessed and envious of  Angelina's sexy, pouty lips and will go through every lotion, potion, and crazy notion to achieve this look. Women will go as far as synthetic implants and collagen injections to attain big pouty lips. 

    Although some women do achieve beautiful results, there is always risk and complications that could cause VERY unnatural looking results. 

    Here are a couple of the Angelina fat lip fails........


    If cosmetic surgery isn't your thing and you're afraid of the side effects or any other unpleasant consequences- here is a great link to start achieving naturally bigger lips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzdhAHRXB58&list=PL3QXsuAKbKgKNSIlcS2VCgK3UhDTLwneA&index=4 If you do decide surgery is the way to go; please seek Demi Moore's doctor. Cant go wrong there.  ;) 


    1. LIP FUSION! glad you added that to your top picks! thats def my fav! wooooooo

    2. Thanks for advising the thin-lipped girls of the world. Much appreciated!

    3. Hi, thank you very much for the advice. I really need this, some boasting advices since I'm planning to undergo Plastic surgery Beverly Hills to change my lips shape.