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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fantasy Football Team 2013

Football is such a fun sport to watch..... Guys running around tackling each other while ladies hope they rip each others shirts off..... uh ummm.. whats my point? Oh, yea....  Lifestyle of Beauty has decided to join a fantasy football team this year!  SO excited! Ill let you know how it goes! hahahahah 

From the research i've been doing on different players/teams, I've discovered that  there are some REALLY hot football players out there!

If  looks could win a game My top 5  draft of hotness  would be........

5) New England Patriots-Danny Amendola-  Player Advantage:  Defense can't look him in the eyes because their hearts may melt.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Darrelle Revis - Player Advantage: NFL's premiere defender of sexy....No one can stop sexy, they can only bring it back! ;p 

3) New England Patriots- Tom Brady-  Player Advantage: Angels that fall from heaven are well protected. 

2) Denver Broncos-Eric Decker -Player Advantage:  Defending Team gets lost in his eyes and forget exactly what ball they're after! 

1) New York Jets-Mark Sanchez - Player Advantage: Running behind him is worth a game loss and ummmm... who doesn't want to be the one who lets Mark Sanchez score?!? hahahahahahah XOXOXO

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