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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Farewell, Elastic Waist Denim! Hello, skinny Jeans!

The holidays are here and with it brings good cheer and a FAT A**!  Never Fear, because LOB has discovered some pretty easy ways to avoid becoming rounder than a turkey! 

We have to be realistic.  It’s the holidays were going to eat, drink and be merry (aka drink wine) HA! Moderation and following the tips in this video are key =)!  Watch Below! 

                                  BONUS FIND! CHECK THIS OUT! 

Last year, Dr. Oz did a 2 week study of these fat burners and discovered that people who took green coffee before a meal vs. those who took a placebo lost 10% more body fat without changing their diet.  

LOB tried these magic pills, though we didn't notice a significant amount of weight loss, we gained no weight and lost a pound. We noticed we had more energy after taking the pill, which naturally, will burn more calories. Cholorogenic acid is a great antioxidant too!  It's definitely worth a try for a few weeks.  

Before you run out to buy any green coffee make sure 
1) Its made in the USA 
2) Has no Ephedrine
4) Contains at least 45% Cholorogenic acid and SVETOL
5) No fillers, binders or additives 

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