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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Top 5 LOB gifts for anyone!

Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are here. Avoid getting your gift posted as a WTF is this on social media with LOB's  Top 5 Awesome Gift Ideas that can be used for Christmas and any other time of the year.  

#5 Money! This is an excellent gift, but pretty thoughtless. To avoid looking super thoughtless,  it's best to give the cash in a unique way.  EX: Put the money in a cool wallet and wrap it in a REALLY BIG box or put it in a maze puzzle box they have to solve to retrieve the cash.  $10.00 at Amazon

#4 Couples Spa Package- Ummmmm... Hello?! Who doesn't love to be pampered?!? This is a GREAT gift idea for  couples, best friends, friends with benefits, or anyone you would like to see in a robe/naked....How much fun!

 #3 A membership to their favorite workout spot. CAUTION: We don’t want to offend anyone, so please add a disclaimer on this one: This gift does NOT mean I think you're fat, I want to keep you sexy. 

#2 A beautiful accessory- Sunglasses, jewelry, handbag, computer bag, etc.. or think way out of the box with a necktie pillow.... Power nap anywhere. One of my favorite accessory sites is a website called Tictal where independent brands from around the globe design really unique products. Check it out: 

#1 A trip! A trip! A trip! Check out different travel sites for great deals…..It could even be a bed and breakfast in their own city. Bon Voyage! ( Their absence could be a gift for you too!)

I filmed this video in 2013!!! 
Check it out. Easy Gift Ideas that are still relevant! 

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