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Monday, September 17, 2012

 A few weeks ago, I discovered the "Giving Key" It's a necklace with a key attached to it, engraved with a word of inspiration that you need at the time, such as strength, kindness, love etc. You wear the  key until you meet someone who could use that message more. I thought this was a GREAT idea, so I dug deeper and found out about the owner- Caitlin Crosby and why she started it.

Her story: 

“I met this sweet homeless couple on Hollywood Blvd who have had a really tough life,” she writes on the site. “After falling in love with their hearts, and how hard they’re working to try and change their lives, I had an ‘Ah-Ha moment.’ I realized they were the missing link to The Giving Keys. So I asked them to be my business partners. After all, the whole concept is PAYING IT FORWARD.” 

The keys are intended to keep homeless people off the street.  She donates the proceeds to homeless shelters around the world to give those in hopeless situations a chance to start over. I love it!  Im going to get one that says LOVE, because it is LOVE that started the key and love that will keep it going =)  

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